Welcome! This guide is created to answer any questions regarding how to utilize the WeatherExtreme portal and some basic operations.

Using Timesheets

  1. Go to WeatherExtreme Portals by visiting
  2. Click "WeatherExtreme Timesheets"

  3. Login with the credentials that should've already been provided to you
  4. Upon Entering, Click "Timesheet Management" On The Left
  5. Fill out Category, Date, Duration, Description(***Note: For Description- it should be setup as Case: Short Description of what was done***

  6. Click "Create"

See Sample Timesheet

Using Project Management System

  1. Go to WeatherExtreme Portals by visiting
  2. Click "WeatherExtreme Projects"
  3. Login with the credentials that you created with your project invite

Adding The Email Signature

To Add the Signature to Thunderbird

  1. Click your email above the inbox
  2. Click "View Setting For This Account"
  3. Click the checkbox "Attach the signature from a file instead"
  4. To Download .html file- open the link- right click and "Save Page As". Download Sample Signature
  5. Browse your computer for the .html signature file
  6. Click "Choose"

To Add the Signature to AppleMail

  1. Copy The signature found below
  2. Open Applemail, Go to Mail-->Preferences-->Signatures
  3. Create a new signature by clicking "+"
  4. Paste the signature in the blank spot on the right
  5. For "Choose Signature"- Set it to the signature that you just created

  6. Sample Signature

    John Doe
    California Office
    Tele: 775-636-8553 | Fax: 775-636-8430
    930 Tahoe Blvd., Suite 802-560
    Incline Village, Nevada 89451 | vcard